Natural and Healthy Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem that men experience as part of the aging process. Though nowadays, this problem is no longer exclusive to men. There are some women who also experience hair loss. In men and women alike, it may be caused by many factors aside from aging. It can be caused by stress as well as the food that we eat.

There are a lot of remedies for hair loss out there but the best way to stop hair loss is still the natural way. One of the best known natural remedy for hair loss is the Ayurvedic treatment. It is a non-invasive remedy and does not use any kind of product that may contain chemicals.

The Ayurvedic pack is specially prepared treatment for hair loss. It is made from natural ingredients like Amla, corals, black sesame seeds, Bhringraj and iron. This preparation is applied directly to the problem areas. It also helps to prevent the premature graying of the hair.

The inadequate circulation in the scalp area is one of the causes of hair loss. To promote proper circulation, the scalp must be stimulated regularly by rubbing the scalp vigorously while taking a shower. Brushing the hair often will also help. A hundred brush strokes before bedtime can help stimulate the scalp and thus prevent hair loss.

The mixture of Urad dal or black beans and fenugreek is another potent Ayurvedic remedy for hair loss. The two ingredients are mixed together and made into a paste which is applied to the hair like a regular shampoo. For best results, the application must be done two to three times a week. Hair will begin to grow back after a month or two of regular use of this paste.

Hair loss may be reversed by applying a juice made out of lettuce and spinach directly into the scalp. The juice is made by adding equal amounts of lettuce and spinach into a food processor or juicer. Apply the juice in the areas that are already bald. This will help the hair to grow back in the bald spots.

Another juice mixture for hair loss is made out of alfalfa, carrots and lettuce. If applied directly to the scalp, the juice will be absorbed by the roots of the hair. In a few weeks’ time, the growth of new hair will be very noticeable.

Licorice is also an herb used as a natural remedy for hair loss. The licorice is added with milk and ground into a paste. The paste helps to stimulate the hair roots thus helping the hair to grow back into the bald areas. A paste made out of lemon and black pepper is also a simple natural remedy for hair loss.

Dandruff is a major cause of hair loss so to prevent hair from falling off, the root cause must be eliminated. Coconut oil has long been used as a cure for dandruff. It is mixed with a little lime juice and applied to the hair, from the roots down to the tips. Let the mixture stay for 20 minutes before rinsing off to allow it to soak into the roots of the hair.

A paste made out of green coriander leaves also helps to prevent hair loss. The nutrients from the coriander help to strengthen the follicles of the hair and aids in the growth of hair.

Overall, having a healthy body is the key to preventing and reversing hair loss. Staying healthy can be done through regular exercise and a healthy diet. With exercise there is a healthy circulation of blood throughout the body which will help in the prevention of hair loss. Hair will grow back faster with the help of nutrients from a healthy diet. The hair is just a small part of the human body. The whole body must be healthy in order to have healthy scalp and hair.