Advantages of Using Unblocked Games Versus a Proxy at Work

We get it: you’re tired of sitting around and wasting the battery on your phone or your data trying to kill some time at work – we get it. Thankfully, there are websites deep in the web that allow you to play a plethora of games without worrying about the website being blocked. If you’ve ever used a proxy before, you can toss that away (for now) and enjoy some of the hundreds of games at!

The Benefits of Playing Unblocked Games

Proxies suck and are blocked more often than the websites you’re viewing through them. Whether you’re at school or work, you’ll be able to play hundreds of games available at your fingertips. One of the primary benefits of using Unblocked Games at work is that you don’t have to worry about it being blocked from your work’s VPN or Internet!

When we say there are hundreds of games, we mean it, as there are tons of genres to choose from. Another benefit of using the aforementioned website is that you can pick from sports, driving, defense, arcade, fighting, action games, and a ton more! Whatever your heart wants to play, you can do it!

These games aren’t CPU intensive, either. They’re basic games that could easily be played on a mobile phone and don’t take up a ton of bandwidth by any mean – in high school, we got in trouble mostly for bandwidth, not content, so these small flash games are fantastic for staying discreet while entertaining yourself.

Those who are into the genre of simulation games, and like casual play while getting work done will find solace in knowing this website exists, as there are quite a few simulation games like 3D Planet Simulator, 2D Driving Simulator, and others. If you’re into casual games like Mahjong, or dress up games, you’ll also find that this website has something for you. There are “weird” games too like Effing Worms, Family Barn, Famous Paintings 1-3, and a ton more. Whatever you want to indulge in, Unblocked Games has something for you. The possibilities are endless with Unblocked Games – a website that won’t eat up your work’s bandwidth and one that doesn’t need a proxy to use!

What About a Proxy?

You might be wondering how using this website full of flash games could be any better than using a proxy and playing games you truly like. One of the first comparisons shows that proxies are blocked pretty frequently, as IT departments stay on top of them due to keyword targeting. Beyond this, many decent proxies are already blocked, and the ones floating around could make your computer vulnerable to a virus.

Another reason you want to ditch the proxy and use Unblocked Games is that it doesn’t take a ton of bandwidth to use the games on UB Games’ website. With others, you may be using so much that you become a target when the IT department looks over the source. You don’t want to get a warning or fired, do you? Look more discreet and ditch the proxy.

The end

Overall, proxies that aren’t blocked already can be quite dangerous as many of them open up the doors of vulnerability and give computers viruses. Beyond this, the games that can be played on are ones that don’t take up a ton of bandwidth, and are fun to play – whether you want something simple and casual, or a game that’s more intensive and requires you to level up. Whatever the case may be, Unblocked Games has got it all for you.