A Website That Helped Me A Lot After My Pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, I remember I was over the moon. I was just so happy and felt so strong growing a life. But at the same time I was nervous. I was stressing about every little thing, asking myself millions of questions every day. Okay, maybe not millions, but it felt like it.

If you are expecting your own little bundle of joy, especially if it’s your first, chances are you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s a magical but nerve wracking time, nothing else in life quite compares to the whole experience.

The second time around, like most parents, I thought I would be better prepared. I waited 4 years before trying to get pregnant again, and i felt pretty confident in my ability to take care of my daughter. I thought I knew all the ins and outs and that there was no possible way that this new baby could hit me with something that my daughter did not.

She had pooped all over me, all over the bath tub, all over her crib, the walls, everything. She had pulled on my piercings, clawed and scratched my nipples, bit me, and made a point to pull on every wire in sight. I thought for sure when my son was born I’d be a pro.

But, my hubris got the best of me. When he came out, I felt just as unprepared as with my daughter. He was nothing like her and I ended up feeling like a first time mom all over again. I sat up with him countless nights, trying to get him to sleep, singing and rocking, and every couple of hours, crying. My daughter always fell asleep nursing, but my son fought sleep from day one. I didn’t consider how much further little boy pee can go, either. And his favorite thing was peeing while we changed him.

About 3 months after my son was born, I was at my wits end. Between a 5-year-old throwing temper tantrums and fighting for attention, and a 3-month-old who was always either nursing or peeing on me, I felt like I couldn’t even remember the most basic things. Like what baby food was best, or how to soothe them during the purple crying. I asked my mom for help all the time, but seeing as how she is a mother of 4, and I couldn’t even handle 2, I felt very inept.

Slowly, I felt like I was getting the hang of it, but by the time potty training came around, I was totally lost again. Potty training boys is totally different than potty training girls. It took me a couple of months to get my daughter mostly potty trained. But after 4 months with my son, I felt like we were making no progress. This is what led me to finding Baby Care Mentor.

How I found out about Babycarementor.com

I turned to the internet, and searched for what seemed like a long time, but I’m sure it was probably only like 15 minutes. After browsing several sites and pages, I found babycarementor.com. The website’s elegant, sleek design drew me in, and their simple, easy to understand article on potty training is what made me stay. Their article made me feel a lot better and helped me relax. I thought for sure I was doing something wrong and that’s why my son wasn’t catching on as quickly as my daughter, but it turns out it’s very normal for boys to take a little longer. After reading about potty training, I decided to browse and see what else they had to offer.

I was pleasantly surprised to see everything that they have to offer. Almost everything you could think of is on Baby Care Mentor. You can imagine my joy when I learned there was content that could even help me with my 5-year-old. I can only imagine how much easier things could have been from the beginning if I had known about this site.

Baby Care Mentor offers great advice on every topic and can be any parent’s right-hand man. It is a great source to reference for small things, like why boys are so much harder, or bigger things, like what baby food is the best for baby. It is such a great tool and I highly recommend it to any parent who could use a little bit of guidance.